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Social Economic Academy (SEA)

The Social Economic Academy (SEA), a non-profit based in Israel engages in education and training to activate young leaders to advance social and economic justice .  The organization targets existing labor leaders, individuals and groups, Jews and Arabs interested in public service, who want to bring economic equality into the Labor market.  The organization promotes solidarity actively bringing together like-minded groups and activists.  It is the only NGO in Israel working to strengthen the labor movement and its existing leadership.  SEA has conducted over 20 training programs with its graduates going on to organize teachers, janitors, bus drivers and others.  Before joining SEA Executive Director, Rami Hod was active in the social justice protest movement in Israel in 2011 and played a pivotal role in the democratic Workers’ organization Koach L’Ovdim http://workers.org.il/about-koach-la-ovdim/  – representing 25,000 Israeli workers.  In addition to developing the professional and organizational infrastructure, he was instrumental in creating a scholarship program for Arab and Jewish students in community organizing and implementing social change at Haifa University. 

The grant from the Yitzhak Rabin Foundation will support SEA’s Labor training initiatives. To read more about SEA click here:  http://sea.org.il/en/about/.

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