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February 15, 2018

A New Chapter: Yitzhak Rabin Foundation to Discontinue Operations; Legacy Will Live on Through Projects Funded by the Foundation

Today, we officially announced that the Yitzhak Rabin Foundation (YRF) has succeeded in achieving its goals and will be discontinuing operations effective March 1, 2018.  The Foundation has made a tremendous impact in perpetuating the Rabin legacy and we celebrate all of you who have helped make that possible.  The Yitzhak Rabin Foundation (YRF), also known as the American Friends of the Yitzhak Rabin Center (AFYRC), provided over $17 million to complete the Yitzhak Rabin Center and Israeli Museum in Tel Aviv.  Today, the Center hosts tens of thousands of visitors annually, sponsoring seminars and workshops for schoolchildren and soldiers.  Its Museum is recognized as an educational resource on the modern history of Israel with the life story of Yitzhak Rabin as a backdrop.  

In 2014, once the Center and Museum were completed and successfully operating, the YRF expanded support to academic programs and projects which reflect Rabin's legacy.  The primary YRF project, the Yitzhak Rabin Fellowship in Democracy Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem continues Rabin's legacy with the establishment of two  perpetual fellowships.  

Additionally, grants were provided to: the Israeli Regional Initiative (formerly known as the Israeli Peace Initiative - IPI), the Social Economic Academy (SEA), and Our Generation Speaks (OGS) at Brandeis University.  For further details about these programs please visit here.

Those who wish to continue supporting Rabin’s legacy through ongoing programming are encouraged to visit the American Friends of the Hebrew University to learn more about the Yitzhak Rabin Fellowship in Post Graduate Democracy Studies.

We are very proud of the successes and achievements made possible by the support of our generous donors, present and past board members and most especially our friends in the Labor community. 

While we all continue our work in different directions none of us is abandoning our belief in the importance of supporting the Rabin legacy.  For further information and/or any questions, we will be pleased to respond to emails sent to [email protected].

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